Assessor/Tax Collector

The Assessor/Tax Collector department’s primary purpose is to value, assess, tax and collect taxes on real, personal, manufactured structures, and utility property. When the taxes and assessments are collected, they are turned over to the County Treasurer who makes distributions to the 37 taxing districts, State Fire Patrol, Mobile Home Ombudsman, and Blue Mt. Translator District. As part of the valuing and taxing of property, the staff also administers deferrals, exemptions, ownership and divisions of properties, maintenance of plat maps, and provides information to other government agencies, the public and other professional businesses.

Our mission is to implement state statutes regarding assessment, taxation and tax collection in an efficient, accurate, and timely manner and provide quality service and information within available resources.

Assessment and taxation has changed drastically since the 1970’s with the voters passing tax limitation measures. This has given the assessment and taxation department opportunities to deal with the many changes necessary to be technically progressive, fiscally prudent, and administratively efficient.

With the advent of data processing the Assessment and Taxation Department has been able to manage the massively increased workload while at the same time reducing staffing and administrative costs.

The Union County Assessment & Taxation Department looks to the future for continued technology changes in computer-assisted appraisals, geographic information systems and customer friendly Internet access.




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