Boardman to Hemingway Project

Boardman to Hemingway Project Board of Commissioners Listening Session:B2H Notice of Meeting B2H Meeting Information Public Comment Policy B2H Preliminary Application to Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council (2013) Information can be obtained about the B2H Project from the following sources: … Continue reading

B2H Preliminary Application

Boardman to Hemingway – Preliminary Application 00_TOC 01_Exhibit A_Applicant Information 02_Exhibit B_Project Description_MainText 02a_Exhibit B_Project Description_Attachment B-1 02b_Exhibit B_Project Description_Attachment B-2 and B-3 03_Exhibit C_Project Location 03a_Attachment C-2_Segment Locations_Maps 1-99 03b_Attachment C-2_Segment Locations_Maps 100-209 04_Exhibit D_Organization 05_Exhibit E_Permits 06_Exhibit F_Property … Continue reading