A myriad of internal departments comprise the Union County Public Works Department (UCPWD). Among these are the Airport, Road Department, Equipment Maintenance Department, Traffic Control, Vegetation Management, and Parks.

Current funding is received from timber receipts and gasoline taxes exclusively.

The UCPWD currently employs 24 full time positions as compared to the 37 employee positions of ten years ago. Likewise, the department is operating on the same budget amount as it did ten years ago.


Union County Public Works
Doug Wright, Director
10513 N McAlister Road, PO Box 1103, Island City, OR 97850
541-963-1016 Fax: 541-963-7822 TTY: 1-800-735-1232

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Union County Commissioners - Steve McClure, Mark Davidson, Jack Howard
1106 K Avenue, La Grande, OR 97850 541-963-1001 Fax: 541-963-1079 TTY: 1-800-735-1232