Board of Commissioners

Jack Howard

Commissioner Pos. 1
Steve McClure

Commissioner Pos. 2
Donna Beverage

Commissioner Pos. 3

The Union County Board of Commissioners is made up of 3 non-partisan positions. Commissioners are elected quadrennially with Positions No. 1 and No. 2 elected at the same time (1998, 2002 etc.) and position No. 3 in the intervening years (2000, 2004 etc.).

As the county’s governing body, the Board of Commissioners has the leading role in policy, legislative and administration duties. It alone is empowered to pass an ordinance, adopt a budget or a comprehensive plan or give official status to policy or course of action. Although the commission shares the actual administration of county affairs with the elective department heads, it is, nevertheless, the focal point for decisions that must be made locally with respect to county affairs.

In Union County, the position of board chairman is designated by appointment from the entire board. The term of the chairman is one year and rotates among the commissioners.

The Union County Board of Commissioners has adopted the practice of making liaison assignments to each member. These assignments allocate various county departments, boards and commissions, advisory committees, intergovernmental agencies and outside organizations to individual commissioners. Liaison assignments are, however, necessarily limited in scope and responsibility for the authority of the commission is collective on both policy and administrative matters. The liaison role involves communication and advice, but final decisions can be made only by the governing body as a whole.

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